Detailed description of the co-authorship service


As one of the largest providers in scientific publications, SIA Science Publisher offers its services to publish ready-made articles on a wide variety of topics. You can buy an author’s position or an entire article. Initially, our finished articles are designed for a team of six authors. By purchasing an entire article, you can increase the number of contributors for that article. Co-authors can also make their suggestions and corrections to the text of the article.

This link ( presents topics for articles on various aspects of education, economics, biology, political science, architecture, civil engineering, informatics, and engineering. Please note that positions in the article are ranked from highest to lowest. The publication is carried out on a turnkey basis: the articles have already been written, translated, proofread, formatted, and the journal has been selected for publication. The only thing you need is to choose a suitable topic for yourself, the desired position in the article, and pay. The price depends on the journal policy concerning publication fee: the higher it is, the higher the cost per position in the article, respectively.

It should be noted that the articles are the collective work of authors from different universities and cannot contain information about grants or funding for a certain participant. Diversity in the affiliation of contributors is also encouraged.

SIA Science Publisher controls all stages of the article history, makes improvements according to the reviewers’ comments, checks the page layout and publication of the article, monitors its indexing in the Scopus/Web of Science databases. We take care of all force majeure events! We guarantee article publication and indexing!

SIA Science Publisher provides quality and reputation-safe services to our customers. We ensure the confidentiality of your purchase of an article position. You do not need to worry that someone will determine that you bought a position in an article on our website, as we will perform a scientific rewrite of the article title and abstract during the publication process in the journal.


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