Job opportunity:

Respectable Science Publisher Company is in need for authors of research papers that are intended for submission and publication in high ranked peer reviewed journals Scopus/WoS.


Job opportunity


Areas of research: economy, management, politology, law, education, social human sciences, and related areas of knowledge.

Candidate’s responsibilities: writing manuscripts and providing their support until publication.

Major requirements: scientific activity, fluent scientific English, scientific publications in Scopus/WoS databases, performing any necessary revisions in manuscripts and publication support (ability to prepare graphical abstract, flowchart, mathematical model, hypotheses and their verification), organizational work with journals’ editorial boards, tracking and managing publication process, compliance to assigned timelines, compliance to required scientific parameters of the assigned journals

Working conditions: distant work, flexible work schedule/part-time employment, payments without delays. If you have your own team of researchers, bringing them would be beneficial for you

Payment is available in two ways:

– Payment for your work (you are not one of a paper’s co-authors, but receive a reward for your services)

– Payment for your work + providing a co-author’s position in paper.

Your personal information is 100% secured.


Please send your resume to the following emails:

Candidates who provide their resume, Scopus profile link, examples of their published works, are considered immediately.


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