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Journal Citation Reports (JCR) 2022 for Annual Updated Metrics in the Web of Science

The 2022 annual Journal Citation Report was recently released by Clarivate two months ago, in June. Every year, scholars from different industries such as communication, academic research, normal readers, Core Collective Journals, Web of Science and arts and science anxiously anticipate this report, which has also been the case this year.

How to write the Results and Discussion sections in a research paper

The Results section is one of the most critical parts of your research paper. Here you present the main results of your research to your readers.
The Discussion section interprets the results presented in the paper. In other words, although it contains the introduction, methods, and results, you must also clarify the results for your audience.

How Do Co-Author Publication Consultants Work?

Research and publishing have the most important significance in science and education. Scientific advancement is subjected to research, and publishing is as important in academics as the practice is in medicine. Therefore, publications must keep coming.

How to write the perfect Materials and Methods section

It is important to clearly describe the subject of the study in the context of the research hypothesis since this will determine the extent to which you can draw conclusions from your study. The reader of your paper will want to know about your sample representativeness of the entire sample/category of objects under study.