Manuscript Formatting Service


Why Does the Formatting matter?

Since the main value of any scientific research is held within its content, the formal side of an article may seem less important. However, in practice of research publications, manuscript formatting appears to be a critical sort of matter. Properly formatted paper allows the readers and reviewers navigate it easily, find the essential information, and comprehend it the most effectively. More important in practical terms, the absolute majority of scientific journals require the submitted papers to be formatted according to their own guidelines. Even the most valuable research cannot be accepted by a journal without proper formatting.

Why Choose Manuscript Formatting Service?

Almost every peer-reviewed journal requires manuscripts to be formatted, when submitted according to its formal guidelines. This includes font choice, spacing, margin size, tables’ layout, figures’ placement, footers, correct references style and so on. Regardless of how significant and valuable the paper’s scientific content is, the journal will never acknowledge it without proper formatting.


Who needs the manuscript formatting service?

Our manuscript formatting service is an appropriate choice for researchers with extensive research projects. Even the most experienced researcher may require assistance with time-consuming tasks of manuscript formatting. Furthermore, beginners may have significant difficulties in this area, therefore, it is advisable to involve professionals in this task. Almost any research author planning to submit a paper to Scopus or WoS journals should consider acquiring manuscript formatting and submission services. We will format your manuscript to suit the requirements of the desired journal, so you can save time and energy for pure scientific activity.



What kind of difficulties can you face while formatting and submitting the manuscript by yourself?

The most obvious issue is a significant time and effort cost, even if you are used to particular journal’s guidelines and learned them well. Furthermore, if you are less experienced and unfamiliar with certain journal’s guidelines, you face a risk of blatantly failing the formatting rules, and editorial board wouldn’t accept the submission until the formatting is complete. Sometimes formatting and submitting procedures may require specific knowledge of MS Word software or online technologies that narrow-specified scholars may not be aware of.


Styles of references and other formatting aspects

Formatting and submission procedures can be complicated because they vary across journals. For example, several referencing styles are largely standardized, but they still include variations (parenthetical styles – APA, Chicago, Harvard; numerical styles – IEEE, ACS, Vancouver; note styles – Bluebook, Chicago, OSCOLA). Even with established standards, formatting references needs a significant amount of diligence and concentration.


Parenthetical citation style: You include identifying details of the source in parentheses in the text – usually the author’s last name and the publication date, plus a page number if relevant (author-date). Sometimes the publication date is omitted (author-page).


Numerical citation style: You include a number in brackets or in superscript, which corresponds to an entry in your numbered reference list.


Note citation style: You include a full citation in a footnote or endnote, which is indicated in the text with a superscript number or symbol.


Parenthetical citationexamples:

APA reference entry Wagemann, J. & Weger, U. (2021). Perceiving the other self: An experimental first-person account of nonverbal social interaction. The American Journal of Psychology134(4), 441–461.
APA in-text citation (Wagemann & Weger, 2021)
Chicago reference entry Encarnação, João, and Gonçalo Calado. 2018. “Effects of Recreational Diving on Early Colonization Stages of an Artificial Reef in North-East Atlantic.” Journal of Coastal Conservation 22, no. 6 (December): 1209–1216.
Chicago in-text citation (Encarnação and Calado 2018)
Harvard reference entry Hoffmann, M. (2016) ‘How is information valued? Evidence from framed field experiments’, The Economic Journal, 126(595), pp. 1884–1911. doi:10.1111/ecoj.12401.
Harvard in-text citation (Hoffmann, 2016)
MLA reference entry Davidson, Clare. “Reading in Bed with Troilus and Criseyde.” The Chaucer Review, vol. 55, no. 2, Apr. 2020, pp. 147–170.
MLA in-text citation (Davidson 155)


Numerical citation examples:

IEEE reference entry [1] D. V. Lindberg and H. K. H. Lee, “Optimization under constraints by applying an asymmetric entropy measure,” J. Comput. Graph. Statist., vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 379–393, Jun. 2015, doi: 10.1080/10618600.2014.901225.
IEEE in-text citation Further discussion of constrained optimization can be found in Lindberg and Lee [1].
Vancouver reference entry 1. Davies B, Jameson P. Advanced economics. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 2013.
Vancouver in-text citation Davies et al. state that the data is ‘unreliable’ (1, p. 15).

Note citation examples:

AMA reference entry 1. Jabro JD. Predicting saturated hydraulic conductivity from percolation test results in layered silt loam soils. J Environ Health. 2009;72(5):22–27.
AMA in-text citation Jabro points out a major advantage of this approach.1
Bluebook footnote citation 16 Michael Herz, Law Lags Behind: FOIA and Affirmative Disclosure of Information, 7 CARDOZO PUB. L. POL’Y & ETHICS J. 577, 585 (2009);
Bluebook in-text citation FOIA’s reliance on requests is not only “contentious and time-consuming”16

Examples of various referencing styles in general


On the other side, such formatting aspects as margin or footer sizes tend to differ in various journal. Some publishers (MDPI, Taylor & Francis, and many more) include multiple journals sharing similar formatting templates.


Our specialists will do the following:

  • adjust pages layout;
  • format the text (including headings and the title page);
  • place the tables and figures correctly;
  • organize citations and references according to the journal’s guidelines;
  • check the references’ accuracy;
  • verify compliance with the journal’s word count limit.


$ 40 for full manuscript formatting, including page layout, formatting of the text, headings, title page, and references, and figure placement, to ensure agreement with the guidelines of your target journal within1-2 business days.



Working Order of Our Formatting Service

A four-stages procedure is utilized, ensuring the integrity of research content and preparing the manuscript for submission


Stage 1

Send us your manuscript via ,


Stage 2

The team of experts will check your manuscript with regard to its composition, structure and content. Formatting guidelines of the selected journal will be analyzed in terms of their application to the received manuscript.


Stage 3

Our specialists will perform the necessary formatting procedures required by the journal, including:

  • title page format;
  • abstract structure;
  • style of references;
  • font size;
  • line spacing;
  • margins;
  • general layout;
  • style of paragraphs


Stage 4

After the final inspection, verifying the final manuscript quality, the paper will be sent back to you, prepared to be submitted to the journal you picked.

Advantages Obtained with Manuscript Formatting Service


Advantages Obtained with Manuscript Formatting Service


Professional Image

Proper formatting ensures the manuscript’s presentation as a well-organized piece of work, which will likely attract positive attention of the reviewers

Clarity and Comprehension Improved

Formatting includes organizing the structure of a manuscript, which means readers (and of course, reviewers too) will easily navigate through it, therefore better understand its scientific significance and approve it for publication.

Compliance to Journal Requirements

Aside from the relation between formal article’s organizing and its scientific content, formatting is always a necessary condition for the paper to be submitted at all. In other words, manuscript formatting service ensures that submission will certainly happen.

Time and Effort Optimization

When the task of manuscript formatting is delegated to the specialists, the author gets more resources to dedicate for further academic activity, instead of formal pecularites.


Manuscript Formatting Service


The Guarantees

We assure that your manuscript will be successfully formatted with all the selected journal’s requirements satisfied. In case of any necessary elements missing in the manuscript, we will provide the relevant comments on such a matter. If the editorial board finds the formatting insufficient and rejects the submission, we will revise it without additional charges.



Quality of the formatting is guaranteed: your manuscript will fit perfectly among other articles from your target journal.

Quick Timing

Fast delivery is guaranteed: the complete formatting will take 1 day per manuscript.


None of your research materials are transferred to a third party persons or organizations. Information about the customers is not disclosed without their explicit permission. We guarantee confidentialityof your manuscript formatting by adopting rigorous safeguarding throughout the entire process, securing sensitive information and keeping the highest discretion in processing your manuscript.

Why do I need professional service of manuscript formatting



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is it just formatting, or editing included too?

Manuscript formatting service is meant to verify your manuscript complies with journal’s criteria, such as:

  • general layout;
  • font;
  • spacing between sections and lines;
  • citations and references format;
  • references’ number limit and freshness;
  • headings;
  • presence of all required sections;
  • title page;
  • word count;
  • number of figures and tables;
  • appropriate placement of tables and figures

On the other hand, editing would assume language modifications, such as:

  • grammar correction;
  • phrasing;
  • word choice;
  • stylistic matter

However, they are not included in the formatting service. If your manuscript needs an editing, it must be negotiated as a separate service.

Why do I need professional service of manuscript formatting?

Peer-reviewed journals have rather strict standards of formatting, so delegating this task to the professionals increases your chances of acceptance and publication.

How much time does the manuscript formatting take?

Our service is committed to delivering efficient formatting in 1 day.

Can you follow certain journal guidelines and citation styles?

Our manuscript formatting service is tailored to adhere to the unique guidelines and citation styles of your target journal, ensuring compliance with their specific requirements.

Do I need to provide any information for securing the formatting process?

You are expected to provide the links to selected journal’s guidelines. Also, depending on individual journal’s requirements, you may need to deliver certain personal information on the co-authors (affiliations, ORCIDs, or else) if it is required by particular guidelines.

How do you ensure the confidentiality of my research during the formatting process?

We prioritize confidentiality with strict privacy measures. Our team is trained to handle sensitive information with discretion, and we take steps to secure your research material

Which file formats do you work with?

Our manuscript formatting service operates with every document format supported by MS Word. Figures are accepted in any graphic formats, but sometimes they may be required in editable format. As for tables, we are technically able to process them in graphic format too, but keep in mind that every peer-reviewed journal requires the tables to be editable parts instead of pictures.

What happens if the formatted manuscript is found unsatisfying?

Our service includes a satisfaction guarantee. If the editorial board rejects the formatted manuscript, we provide revisions and adjustments until you are content with the final formatted document.

How can I submit my manuscript for formatting?

You can submit your manuscript through via email address: ,



Feel free to send your requests and materials:

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