Scientific Journal Selection Service for Publication

Every researcher has ever faced a problem of selecting scientific journals to publish their study. This choice is of high importance because the article can be submitted to one journal at a time. You have to be completely sure that it perfectly fits your work.

Inappropriate journal selection may lead to an immediate rejection or you may have to go through extensive revisions to fit the journal policies. Time is critically important when you wish to deliver the latest and relevant findings to the world. You probably can’t spend weeks and months trying to decide. In order to save your time and bring you closer to publishing your valuable research, Science Publisher Company offers a Scientific Journal Selection Service.


Who needs a Scientific Journal Selection Service?

All researchers want their scientific papers to be published in top-tier journals. The publication will be successful if the article meets the journal requirements as well as when the journal fits the author’s needs. A wide range of people needs the Scientific Journal Selection Service:

  • PhD students: a number of scientific articles should be published to get a degree. It can be time-consuming and challenging for a student to bear in mind all factors and find a perfect journal.
  • Researchers with funding support: research supporting programs always claim certain requirements to the journals which allows wider visibility to the scientific results.
  • Researchers who wish to share their discoveries: new knowledge and innovations lead to advances in science, health, and modern technology. This can possible only if being published and shared with the audience.
  • Researchers who are expected a promotion: there is also a list of requirements for the one who is getting a higher position. It always includes the number of articles which should be published in highly-ranked journals.

Scientific achievements should be noticed and read by colleagues and authorities in your scientific field. Therefore, it is important to choose an international journal so that the article is accepted, highly estimated and acknowledged by colleagues.


What are the main challenges while searching for a scientific journal?

When you start looking for an appropriate journal to make your research publicly available, the most typical problems which you can face, include to following:

  • Lack of time: Journal selection can be time-consuming and it is always more useful to start new research and partially delegate processes to professionals instead of wasting your precious time on formal services.
  • Journal metrics: The list of metrics according to which you should the journal can vary a lot. Not each of them can be familiar to you. You will need much more time to consider all of them to find the best variant.
  • Journal or database navigation: Journals and scientometric databases such as Scopus and Web of Science have many pages, services and indicators. Not every author has such a skill to navigate quickly and properly there. Therefore, a professional assistance can be needed.
  • Aims and scope: Being inconsistent with the aims and scope of a journal is among the main and frequent reasons for paper rejection. Even the most valuable research can be declined if it doesn’t match journal topic.
  • Article types: Specter of accepted article types must be considered because many journals only accept original research articles and do not publish review papers or case studies.
  • Fake and predatory journals: Some journals can only pretend to be indexed in Scopus and Web of Science without actual indexation or make a copy of an original journal website to get money. If you let your paper be published in one of those, it will be for nothing – such a publication will not contribute your academic career.

To help you avoid these problems, our company proposes a service for selecting peer-reviewed journals for publication according to your personal needs.


What does our selection process include?

Science Publisher Company is ready to assist you with selecting the best-fitting journal. In order to find a perfect solution for you, we follow the steps:

Scientific Journal Selection Service for Publication


Our Journal Selection Process

1. Receiving your order

Our customers fill in a special application form with all the required information correctly and accurately and then send it to our team.

2. Processing your order

We confirm your request, clarify the details (if necessary), set the delivery deadline and send forward to our specialists.

3. Analyzing your manuscript

An expert in your research area carefully goes through your study, analyze the scope and check its quality.

4. Shortlisting the journals

After a thorough analysis of your manuscript, our expert selects several journals keeping in mind all your preferences and requirements.


Giving a selection report

When the list of journals is ready, we explain why we recommend these particular journals in a special report. Our team will also highlight some points for improvement so that your article perfectly matches the journal.

If one of our proposed journals rejects your work due to a scope mismatch, we will provide you with one more journal recommendation.

During the selection process we take into account the following regarding the quality of your manuscript:

  • novelty and relevance of the research topic;
  • compliance of the manuscript content with the aims and scope of the journal;
  • presence of all key sections in the article;
  • conformity with the technical issues (number of authors, article and abstract length, number of keywords, references and artworks);
  • language quality;
  • quality and readability of figures;
  • relevance of the references.

If you do not have any specific requirements to the journals and you do not know what to begin with, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the journal reputation matter to me?
  • Should it have any specific indexation?
  • Do I have a visible deadline?
  • How much money can I spend on publishing?

These questions will help you preliminarily structure your thoughts and preferences.


What result will you receive?

Scientific Journal Selection Service for Publication



What is our working order?

Our working order is quite simple:

  1. You send us your manuscript with the application form.
  2. We are preparing the shortlist with the report.
  3. Depending on specter of services we agreed on, you will receive either the report or if this service is a part of a publication support major request, we process with further procedures.


Delivery and pricing

Delivery Time: 1-3 business days

Price: $150 (per 3 journals)

Selection report

Matching up with the right journal is a tough matter. For your convenience, our company prepares a special selection report where you can find the list of target journals and our justification of this choice.

Please see below the example which will be used for creating your individual report. It contains the detailed description of each selected journal according to the requirements which are presented in the table. For authors’ convenience, we provide an instruction on how to read the data. Besides, our experts highlight the best choice for your manuscripts and note that the final decision regarding journal selection is yours as the author of the manuscript.


selection report template - Scientific Journal Selection Service for Publication


selection report template - Scientific Journal Selection Service

How we deliver 100% quality in selecting the right journal for you publication?

What are the main challenges while searching for a scientific journal


1 – Your application starts the process of the quality control

Our team consists of highly-qualified professionals who will be in touch with you throughout the whole process and take care of your documents.

2 – Your needs matter

We use a customized approach to find the best option for each customer.

3 – Effective methods of journal selection

Our experts will scrutinize your manuscript and your preferences for the target journal. They will manually pick out perfect publication platforms that means effective and qualitative service.

4 – Post-service support is available for you

You can ask all your questions to our specialists even after the delivery of your journal selection report.

5 – We appreciate and incorporate your feedback

Our customers’ feedback is highly important for our work. It helps us correlate our quality of journal selection service with your satisfaction and then make our service better.

6 – We can provide you with an unlimited support

If you are not satisfied with our selection, we will choose new journals for free.

7 – International quality and information management standards

We follow highest global standards of certifications – from our systems which are ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certified, to our data management processes


If you are still in doubts, have questions or ready to order our journal selection service, please contact us via the following details:



WhatsApp: +371 266 04 034

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Feel free to send your requests and materials!


Frequently asked questions

1. Does the journal selection service include submission to the journal?

Our journal selection service only includes a thorough selection of scientific journals in order to find a perfect option for your outstanding article. If you need a submission support, we are ready to offer you a manuscript submission service.

2. What if I receive a rejection from the journal you recommend?

Since we support you through your publication journey, we will provide you with one more journal at no cost in case of an ‘out-of-scope’ rejection.

3. Who selects the journals?

Our journal selection team includes experienced researchers in various fields who have publications in top-tier journals and have reviewed a number of studies.

4. Do you guarantee publication?

Acceptance and publication of any manuscript mainly depends on the quality of your study and a subjective but balanced decision of an editor. That is why we cannot guarantee it. However, we put all our efforts to help you understand all processes, save your time and increase your chances of successful publication.

5. How do I get started with the journal selection service?

First of all, fill in the application form, then send it to us with your manuscript and wait for a response from one of our specialists. They will guide you through the whole process.

6. What information should I provide while placing an order for the journal selection service?

While you place an order, you should provide us with the filled-in application form and your manuscript. Basically, in the form you present your personal details, information regarding article subject area, all required scientometric data, any additional requirements.

7. Where can I find the application form?

The application form is available  here  or in the description of our working order.

8. Are there any key criteria for selecting a journal?

While selecting the appropriate journal, all factors are important and can influence the choice. However, there are several aspects which are considered first and seem crucial: subject area, journal coverage, publication mode and deadlines.