Manuscript submission service


1. Nature of any manuscript submission

Journal submission is a complex and time-consuming process. Understanding submission guidelines, correspondence with journal editors, and using online submission systems (most journals use special submission management software) can be challenging. Besides, the whole communication must be in English, that is often stressful for non-native speakers. Unprofessional use of language not only in the article but also within you communication with the editorial board may immediately lead to the rejection.

Our company will be a qualified and experienced intermediary between you and the selected journal. Our team will speak to the editors using proper English as well as help you submit your manuscript correctly and on time.

Article submission can take up plenty of your precious time which is better to spend on a new research project. We are experienced article submission experts who make this process much easier for authors and ensure that there are no delays in submissions. We not only complete the submission forms on the journal website, but also conduct reasoned and professional correspondence with the editorial team.

2. What are the challenges during the manuscript submission?

Submission procedures start your journey in the context of article publication. All these processes may vary from one peer-reviewed journal to another. After you composed your manuscript and properly formatted it, you should address the guidelines for further successful submission. However, you may face the following challenges which can pose obstacles in the way:

  • complexity of a submission process
  • supplementary documents
  • absence of time
  • lack of English proficiency

Therefore, our company offers you a special manuscript submission service in order to eliminate all these obstacles and save your time and nerves.

3. What is included in our manuscript submission service?

Our manuscript submission service includes certain steps which our specialists follow to fulfil the requirements of the selected journal and help you get closer to your article publication:


Manuscript submission service

Our manuscript submission procedure:


Before Submission

  • We check your paper and compare it to the journal submission requirements to ensure that it adheres the journal’s style. This includes both formatting and following guidelines for illustrations (tables, photos, and figures), numbers of keywords, the abstract, the title page, the main text, the manuscript file, and symbols.
  • We inform you of missing elements that may prolong the submission process (e.g., the inclusion of a signed copy of the copyright form, a statement of author contributions, ethical clearance for animal trials, and incorrect formatting).
  • We help you understand any technical requirements that your paper may need to meet (e.g., maximum number of figures and tables and word limit).
  • We assist you with templates for submission letters and revisions for other required documents (e.g., highlights), and help you complete pre-submission procedures.




  • We create an account for you on the journal website and provide all your professional details.
  • We select your preferred contact email address for journal correspondence. You may select one of two email types when making a submission.
    (1) Use your own email for submission purposes. When you receive an answer from your target journal, forward it to us and we will assist you with subsequent steps.

(2) Apply for a new email address and provide us with the username and password. We will deal with subsequent follow-up and processing.

  • We fill in the online submission form and upload your file(s) in the format and size required by the journal. We prefer attaching figures separately to allow for easy resizing. We name your file(s) in accordance with the journal’s file naming specifications.
  • We write an initial submission cover letter to the editor if necessary.



After Submission

  • We follow the online or offline paper submission process and update you regarding any changes to your paper’s status.
  • We help you understand responses from the journal editor.
  • We help you conduct subsequent steps according to journal responses.
  • If we receive no response after 3 months, we send a polite reminder email to the contact window asking about the status of the paper.
  • If we receive no response after 4 months, we send two reminder emails to the contact window and the editor.
  • If we receive no response after 5 months, we send emails to alternative journal editors and support staff until we receive a response regarding the status of your paper.



If Accepted

We manage final copyright agreement and publication charges (Authors pay additional journal publication charges, if any).

4. Key points of what you get with our manuscript submission service

It is important to understand what exactly you will get using our submission service. That is why we have summarized the key points below according the procedure.

  • Journal Account Creation & Management: You won’t need to worry about any formalities around submitting your research.
  • Extra Files Preparation: All additional materials will be composed by our professional team highlighting your research value and increasing the chances for a positive review.
  • System Updates: You will be informed about any changes in the status of your submission and the editorial office will receive kind reminders from us.
  • Re-submission Support: If you need to perform the revisions, we will make sure they are incorporated into your manuscript properly and do not interfere with the original formatting.


5. FIVE reasons for you to choose our manuscript submission service


Our manuscript submission procedure


  • Full submission support – Our specialists will be available for you during the submission process. As you know, it is only a stage in the paper publishing. If you need the full publication support or any other stages, please contact us and we will guide you through the range of our services.
  • Professional communication with the journal – Our experts will negotiate with editors and reviewers during and after submission process, ensuring your research acknowledgment.
  • Сover letter composing – Essence of your research will be condensed into the supporting letter for the editor in order to justify worthiness of your study and secure reviewing chances.
  • Supplementary documents preparation – All necessary files completing your submission will be prepared, complying journal requirements and showing professional level of your research.
  • Reasonable pricing – We provide the best quality at a fair price which will satisfy you more than that of other companies in the manuscript support industry.


6. Working order

Our working order is quite simple and includes the following:

  1. You send us your manuscript and a link to the desired journal.
  2. We perform the submission procedure with all components necessary.
  3. Depending on specter of services we agreed on, you will receive either a link to the submitted manuscript right after the procedure, or a link to the published manuscript if this service is a part of a publication support major request.


7. Delivery and pricing

Delivery Time: 1-3 business days

Price: $100 (per one submission)


8. Why do researchers trust us?

Science Publisher Company is trusted by many authors who found their manuscripts published in target journals without any trouble. We provide a high level of services, so the authors can be calm about their manuscripts. After cooperation with us, you obtain desired publications, with your time and effort saved, and citation rating increased. Confidentiality and individual approach are guaranteed.


If you are still in doubts, have questions or are ready to order our manuscript submission service, please contact us via the following details:



WhatsApp: +371 266 04 034



Feel free to send your requests and materials!



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the manuscript submission service include?

Our manuscript submission service involves the following:

  • Analyzing your paper to meet the target journal requirements
  • Creating an account in the journal submission system
  • Preparing supplementary documents
  • Composing a cover letter
  • Performing the submission procedure
  • Correspondence with the editorial board

Our complex approach covers all aspects of the manuscript submission process.


2. What does not the manuscript submission service include?

  • Editing/rewriting your manuscript and preparing artwork
  • Responding to reviewers’ comments
  • Writing ethics statements or completing patient consent forms or copyright permission forms; however, we will help you understand the requirements and prepare the forms if you provide us with the necessary information
  • Guaranteeing acceptance of your paper for publication using any of our services. The journal submission assistant efficiently monitors your paper’s progress communicating with the journal editor.


3. Do I have to be a corresponding author in the submitted paper?

No. You would become a corresponding author if you submit the paper personally. Since you delegate the submission task to our team, you should just specify who exactly must be indicated as the corresponding author (you or one of your co-authors), and it will be implemented accordingly.


4. What kind of information and materials do I need to provide you with?

  1. While placing the order, send us your research manuscript (including images and tables).
  2. Link to the target journal and its submission guidelines.
  3. If required by the journal policy, you may need to provide additional information: statistic datasets, editable image sources, author biographies or author research profiles.


5. What happens if the resubmission is required by the editorial board?

Resubmission may be required in two cases:

  • Insufficient preparation of the manuscript or submission procedure performed with flaws. In this case, we will correct the submission materials and resubmit them successfully without troubling you at all.
  • Insufficient research value of the manuscript. In this case, we will ask you to adjust or complete the scientific content of your article. Check the comments and suggestions from the reviewers’ feedback, and provide required revisions with your detailed point-by-point responses to reviewers’ comments. After that, we will perform the resubmission


6. Can a submission expert assist me with re-submission?

If reviewers ask you to revise the manuscript, you may need assistance or consulting about a proper integration of your revisions within the manuscript. Feel free to ask our specialists about the correct formatting or composition of the adjustments you made.


7. When can I expect a response from the editorial board after the submission?

Timeframes of a reviewing process usually depend on the journal’s level. Basically, the higher the journal’s rating is, the longer time period is required for reviewing the submitted manuscript.


8. Can I submit my manuscript in preprint?

Many journals do not allow submitting manuscripts that have already been published in preprint. However, exceptions exist. If you intend to submit a preprint publication, our experts will verify if it’s allowed by your target journal. If it is not, we are ready to propose the journal selection service.


9. How will I get to know about the status of a submitted manuscript?

We provide a post-submission support that includes tracking of the manuscript status and informing you when it’s necessary. If the manuscript needs your revisions, we will let you know. As soon as the paper is accepted, you will be informed.


10. Is the refund available?

If you feel dissatisfied with the results of our work, we will keep refining it without additional fees, until the positive result is achieved. Still, if you insist on refunding (for any reason) we are ready to do so. However, our long-time experience of successful publication support allows to assume that satisfaction is guaranteed.