Our advantages and guarantees


Our advantages:

  1. We are a European organization officially registered in the EU and successfully operating for many years within the framework of the legal field. Over the years, the company has never been a defendant in arbitration proceedings.
  2. Our team has been publishing articles in scientific journals since 2012. We have published more than 12,650 articles. We are the market leader in implementing projects in co-authorship, proofreading, and publication of articles.
  3. Clients are accompanied by a personal manager ready to advise them on all issues at each stage.
  4. Only our company has an expert council consisting of doctors of science and international experts with many years of experience in education and science and high publication activities in highly rated international journals.


We guarantee:

  1. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients.
  2. We guarantee a refund if the client refused to publish before submitting the article or if the service was not provided for other reasons.
  3. Our company has a transparent pricing policy. The final prices of our services are indicated on our official website.
  4. The article publication is guaranteed in compliance with the terms of the proposed options (timing, citation base, quartile).
  5. We guarantee publication and indexing of articles in journals indexed by Scopus and Web of Science.
  6. We guarantee provides quality and reputation-safe services to our customers. We ensure the confidentiality of your purchase of an article position. You do not need to worry that someone will determine that you bought a position in an article on our website, as we will perform a scientific rewrite of the article title and abstract during the publication process in the journal.


Contact Information:
tel./whatsapp: +371 283 48 407