1) I don’t want anybody to know about me purchasing a position in your article. How can you ensure that?
Answer: SIA Science Publisher provides quality and reputation-safe services to our customers. We ensure the confidentiality of your purchase of an article position. You do not need to worry that someone will determine that you bought a position in an article on our website, as we will perform a scientific rewrite of the article title and abstract during the publication process in the journal.


2) Who is going to be with me in the co-authors list?
Answer: Scientist from any country can become a co-author. We ensure confidentiality for our customers. Information about co-authors would be available during final manuscript coordination before the submission.


3) What if I want to be the only author?
Answer:  You will need to purchase the entire article.


4) How do I find out the name of the journal?
Answer:  We ensure confidentiality for our customers and for journals cooperating. We don’t reveal journal’s name and article’s title until the payment is done. We ensure publishing in journals, scientometric indicators of which are laid out in journal’s descriptions attached to every article proposed.


5) Why should I choose you? What makes your company different from other similar companies? What are your guarantees?

Answer: We are a European organization officially registered in the EU and successfully operating for many years within the framework of the legal field. Over the years, the company has never been a defendant in arbitration proceedings. Our team has been publishing articles in scientific journals since 2012. We have published more than 12,650 articles. We are the market leader in implementing projects in co-authorship, proofreading, and publication of articles. In 2020, we had 2317 completed contracts. Please follow the link to read about our guarantees:


6) How and where can I choose an article for co-authorship?

Answer: All options for co-authorship are located on our official website at the link https://science-publisher.org/coauthorship/articles/

For your convenience, filters on topics, scientific bases, quartiles, and countries have been created on the right.

Each article has a number, title, abstract, and keywords. The parameters and country of the journal are indicated, but you can get the journal name only after paying for the author’s position in the article.


7) What are the topics of your articles?

Answer: Our website offers articles on the following topics:

– Agriculture ( link)

– Architecture (link)

– Biology (link)

– Building and Construction (link)

– Computer and Information Sciences (link)

– Economics (link)

– Education (link)

– Law  (link)

– Management  (link)

– Mathematics (link)

– Medicine (link)

– Political science (link)

– Psychology (link)

– Sociology  (link)

– Transport and Engineering Sciences (link)

Topics and new articles are updated monthly.


8) What are your prices?

Answer: Initially, our finished articles are designed for a team of 6 authors. The authors’ positions are categorized according to their value. The price depends on the journal’s policy concerning publication fees: the higher it is, the higher the cost per position in the article, respectively. Please note that the positions are ranked from highest to lowest. For example, you can buy the first position in the article starting from USD 650 and the last one from USD 280. For more details, please refer to: https://science-publisher.org/coauthorship/articles/


9) How can I make a payment?


1) Having familiarized yourself with the proposed options and choosing an article and author’s position for yourself, please click on the “Buy” button.

2) After clicking on the “Buy” button, you fill the form on the website and submit your application. We receive the application, process it, and issue an invoice for payment.

3) The position is reserved for you immediately after the invoice is issued. You will have 5 (five) working days to pay the invoice.

4) You will send the payment slip specifying the article number, article title, full name, affiliation, number of the purchased position to sciencepublisher.coauthorship@gmail.com.


10) What is the operating procedure after paying for the author’s position in the article?

Answer: After the team of authors is assembled and approved, we immediately (within 1-2 working days) send the article to the journal’s editorial office, where the article will be reviewed. The average period for reviewing an article takes 1-3 months. An average publication period takes 1-2 months after article acceptance. Our managers will send you the page layout, where you must check the correctness of your full name and affiliation. When the article is published, we will send you the link to the article and its pdf version. After its indexing, we will send you a screenshot of the article indexing within 4 weeks from the date of its publication on the journal website.


11) Can I buy the entire article?

Answer: Yes, you can buy the entire article. With this option, you can add more co-authors to the article and amend the text of the article, including acknowledgment of a grant and funding. If you are interested in this opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us at sciencepublisher.coauthorship@gmail.com; we will discuss the price, terms, and all other details with you.


12) What are the terms of publication and indexing of the article?

Answer: An average publication period takes 1-2 months after article acceptance. The period for article indexing in Scopus/Web of Science takes minimum 4 weeks from the date of its publication on the journal website.


13) What if I failed to find a relevant article on the appropriate topic or specialty?

Answer: If you could not find a relevant article on the desired topic and specialty, please do not hesitate to contact us at sciencepublisher.coauthorship@gmail.com. We will choose the best option for you, write an article for your order, or put you on a waiting list.