Features of the Researcher Service to Assist Scientists in Scientific Research

The old research methods that required so much time and effort going through large books are all gone now. Today, the digital revolution in scientific and academic research has made the lives of researchers a lot easier. Technology in scientific research has helped them understand new concepts and achieve a high standard of quality in scientific research. Many tech-based applications have made it possible to publish studies among a larger group of people through modern means of communication.

This article will attempt to discuss and outline the use of various applications in conducting academic research and explore their uniqueness.

Let’s start our discussion with the first application, Researcher: Discover & Discuss!

  1. Researcher: Discover & Discuss Application
  2. R Discovery: Academic Research
  3. Academia.edu
  4. Web of Science MyRA

Researcher: Discover & Discuss Application

Researcher: Discover & Discuss Application was introduced in 2017 with the idea to keep researchers up-to-date with all new papers as a crucial part of their day-to-day research ongoings. The application is also best for helping academics stay afloat in a sea of literature.

A researcher app is an all-in-one tool that would assist you in staying on top of your field and help you succeed in your academic journey. The software provides comprehensive subject coverage and an in-app translation tool to enable language-free learning.

Each user creates a personal account on the “Home” tab after registering. Depending on the researcher’s scientific interests, the most pertinent material is provided there in the form of a news feed. The title, author details, and publishing date are all noted for every piece of content. By using the DOI or a link to the site, you may access the papers’ whole content. Every piece of information may be kept, and events can be added to a digital calendar.


What is so Unique About the Researcher App?

The app has amassed 2.2 million users from around the world as of today. New researchers may interact with other scholars who share their interests by joining this rapidly expanding community, and they can also take advantage of comprehensive support to make their academic journey more pleasurable.

Regardless of your field of expertise, this app will always provide you with valuable recommendations. By reading unlimited amounts of publications and advice, you might also broaden your disciplinary knowledge. Innovative research can only be created and advanced through expanding multidisciplinary knowledge.

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Our app has a ton of open-source articles available. You might obtain complete articles from journals your university subscribes to by logging in using your institution’s credentials. You may connect with like-minded academics and have discussions with professionals through podcasts and Researcher Live.

Benefits of Researcher Application

  • Using this app, you may receive suggestions on publications pertinent to your area of interest by following Researcher Highlights. If there are any writers whose work you particularly value, you may keep up with them by customizing your feed to display their most recent article abstracts.
  • The Researcher App offers academic and scientific material from over 19,000 sources through a customized feed.
  • The application includes peer-reviewed journals, podcasts, scientific blogs, preprints, universities, and top-notch technology companies.
  • You would have an advantage in your academic endeavors if you were consistently updated on the most recent research findings and discussions. Turn on smartphone notifications in your preferences to receive recommendations right away.
  • You may swipe through documents in this program in the same way that you scroll through photos and videos on Facebook or Instagram since it was designed in a social media manner.
  • You may arrange your research work using the function for bookmarking it. This program contains all the features you want, from setting up your reference list after your study through the first stage of the literature review.
  • To further your research organization, the program also offers integration and institutional access with Mendeley and Zotero.

R Discovery: Academic Research

R Discovery is a tool with AI that makes finding books easier. With the help of its sophisticated algorithms, it searches through academic publications from Microsoft Academic, PubMed, PubMed Central, and Crossref to suggest the best scholarly works in your area of study. R Discovery, created to save time and effort, gives you access to 80 million scientific papers from 32,000+ journals, enabling you to stay current on the most pertinent research.

According to studies, academics read an average of 5.4 papers each week, almost as much time as they do discover them. You may now do better by utilizing this clever tool to conduct successful literature searches. R Discovery is also accessible as an app for reading on the move. It is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

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What is so Unique About the R Discovery?

On R Discovery Application, the articles obtained are not just based on your search terms but also the preferences the app learns about as you use it, improving the search results over time. In particular, having to search through multiple sources/repositories and spending a significant amount of time and effort refining your search every time can be one of the major challenges you face when trying to find the literature you need. By incorporating R Discovery into your strategy, you can address several of these issues.

Benefits of R Discovery

  • To make the most of your reading, evaluate the value of a paper by reading its summary before reading the full-text version using Scholarly’s article summaries.
  • With daily suggested readings, suggestions based on your reading list from Mendeley and Zotero, an intuitive search option, an easy bookmarking tool, and, eventually, various feeds to organize your library better, the program enables you to improve your research experience.
  • Additionally, it enables you to browse abstracts and choose articles you wish to read in full. You can read a copy of the entire text on the app if the material is open access. However, for paywall material, you will be sent to the publisher’s website, where subscribers may see the entire piece.


Graduate students and academics may build academic profile pages on the social networking site Academia.edu and interact with other users worldwide who share their research interests. Anyone may use Academia.edu for free to search for papers, researchers, research interests, etc. The premium edition, however, costs roughly $110 a year and lets you see where your name is referenced. While the free edition features advertisements, the student rate is cheaper.

Academic research may be shared on a portal called academia. On Academia, academics have posted 40 million articles; every month, 101 million academics, professionals, and students read those papers. The goal of Academia.edu is to create the world’s quickest and most pertinent paper distribution system. Currently, the algorithms at Academia.edu recommend roughly 20 million papers every day.


Benefits of Academia.edu

  • You may exchange information with the program in fresh and useful formats, such as video, brief content, data sets, and code.
  • It gives recommendations about the reliability of articles on Academia.edu as well as the reliability of specific claims made in such publications.
  • edu serves as both a database and a tool for managing public profiles for researchers.
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Web of Science MyRA

Web of Science My Research Assistant is another successful application in the field of science and research. With this Web of Science MyRA application on their Apple or Android mobile devices, researchers can search, store, and share publication records from the Master Journal List and Web of Science list using the mobile app of My Research Assistant. With the aid of this program, researchers have access to a vast array of records from renowned publications that have been carefully chosen based on their quality and impact standards.


What is so Unique About My Research Assistant App?

My Research Assistant has been designed to work well on mobile platforms. Researchers may use the Web of Science to their advantage by creating curated feeds of the research they care about most, swiftly searching and saving research publication records, and sharing links to records with coworkers and international scientific partners right from the app.


Users of the free edition can search by subject, store up to three search feeds, and browse up to 25 of the most recent search results from the Web of Science Core Collection for the previous five years. It is possible to search the entire citation network for cited, related, and cited articles and conduct more in-depth searches by journal, author, funder, research area, and for those with a full subscription.

Benefits of Web of Science MyRA

  • The way MyRA best serves the international research community is by providing free access to anybody who wishes to stay current on any area of scientific research worldwide.
  • Researchers can store publication records in a reading list for subsequent perusal or share them using the device’s native sharing capability.
  • Users of the program may also utilize the DOI found in the document record to get straight to the article’s complete text.



These are the top-rated research applications offering top-notch research services used by researchers from all fields. You can avail benefits of any of these or all, depending on your research needs. They all are good in their own way.